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Code of Ethics and Conduct


Furmanite Lda code of ethics aims to continuously guide the personal and professional conduct of all its employees, regardless of their position or role in the business. We ensure strong relationships between colleagues, employer, customers, suppliers, permanent or part time employees, external auditors or any other party with a connection to the business.

Principles and Values

Furmanite Lda is a company dedicated to the mechanical rectification and leak sealing under pressure, generally in the client’s premises, due to the nature of the service. The Mission which Furmanite Lda proposes, is to be a reference company, being a strong and reliable partner for its clients.

Compliance with the Law, regulations, behaviour based on integrity, ethics, transparency and honesty is a commitment of all employees.
The activity of the company should be carried out with professionalism, rigor, good faith and full respect for the rules of other competing businesses, as well as respect for fundamental and universal human rights, promoting the principles of equality and solidarity, repudiating all forms of discrimination and corruption , seeking to grow consistently and sustainably.

Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination

The company respects the principle of equal opportunities for employees, promoting their career development and evaluating their performances based on individual merit.

Safeguarding of Assets

Employees of the company must ensure the protection and safeguarding of the company’s physical assets at their disposal.

Relations with Customers and Suppliers

The company will promote compliance with legal requirements and safety practices in force, as well as preventative measures for the safety of people and goods. Employees of the company must observe and demand compliance with contractual obligations, respecting commercial and deontological practices, as well as ensuring the quality of the product and service provided. They should promote the necessary conditions for effective and timely responses to customer complaints. They undertake not to engage in any additional professional activity which could result in a conflict of interest between the company and its customers and suppliers.


Employees of the company shall maintain absolute secrecy in relation to the outside world, of all information concerning the activity of the company and the undertaking of its functions.


The company and its employees must respect and protect the environment, applying the best environmental techniques.

Health and Safety

 Ensure commitment to:

  • Warranty for a safe and healthy working environment for all workers;

  • Application of necessary prevention and protection measures to avoid / minimize harm to workers' health, based on occupational risk management;

  • Availability to all workers of information and training necessary to increase the Culture of Safety at Work and Promotion of Workers' Health