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On-Site Machining

• Repair of Turbines / Compressors / Pumps / Fans / Reducers
• Servicing of both production and / or manufacturing units.

These services may be carried out for emergency repair, scheduled repair or periodic servicing. Servicing is normally undertaken during annual shut downs of large industrial operations such as petrochemicals, paper mills, cement plants, energy production, etc.
For these operations the company has mobile equipment and hand tools which allow the flexibility regardless of the job which needs to be done.
In the main, a technical team will be deployed with prior knowledge of the work to be done. In the case of major operations, part time trained staff may be used.

Assistance Contracts

• Manufacturing and processing sector, generally in production and energy plants.
• By type of equipment.
Agreed with the customer, for a determined period and for specific equipment.
The company will make available the necessary manpower and equipment according to the agreed Assistance Contract”.

Leak Sealing

Steam / Water / Air / Hydrocarbon / Acid Systems
• Design / manufacture of devices for this activity.
Our head technician has undertaken a training program in order to learn all the procedures related to this specialist application.
We have a high degree of autonomy, having undertaken a large number of important leak sealing jobs, under the most diverse conditions.
We have the capacity to utilize all kinds of apparatus associated to the leak sealing technique, such as metal boxes and bi-split rings.

We offer a complete range of sealant products (for steam, air, water, hydrocarbons, acids) as well as containment and injection devices for sealing products allowing immediate response to the customer.
We have established a 24/7 response service for urgent operations.
All our vehicles are equipped in order to allow on time response to all our customer’s needs.